Excerpt; Lesbian in Question

This is an excerpt of one of the stories that I am currently working on.


Dawn had broken, the sky had turned into an orange pink glow, the street lights had just switched off and the birds began to chirp. Pippa opened her eyes, faced with a white ceiling with a few crack lines in the paint work and beams of daylight breaking through the gap in the curtains she squinted and covered her eyes with her hands. Her head was pounding and it felt as though fireworks were going off inside her brain. She tried to recall what she had been drinking the night before but her memory of any recent events didn’t want to come forward. As she came to a little further she began to have flashbacks; a club; the music playing loud; a girl!

She closed her eyes again and drifted back off into a deep sleep. A few hours later she woke; her mouth was dry and her head still hurt. She rolled over onto her side and realising that she was in someone else’s bed she began to scan the room.  Next to the bed stood a large dark chest of drawers and a picture of a nude woman hung slanted above it. There was a lamp with a cream shade and a glass ornament of an eagle sitting next to it on a small glass table. Pippa began to focus on these items and as they became clearer in her vision she could see that something wasn’t right.

She looked back at the hanging picture again and then back at the lamp. A truer picture began to emerge and now she was seeing it for real. There were dark stains on the lamp shade, like a hand had smeared across it and the glass eagle had a red residue on it. The chrome handle on the door also had a similar coating dripping from it. Pippa sat up quickly, almost feeling as though she had miraculously sobered up she quickly scanned her immediate surroundings. She was in a double bed, totally naked, the sheets were all scrunched to the other side of the bed and there was only one pillow which left an empty space next to the one she had been laying on. The door was open to the en-suite bathroom and the light was off, she was alone. She knew that she’d recently had sex because her fingers had that give away after smell, which was a given scent that no one could deny.

But it was at this point when she looked down at her hands and saw that they were coated in the same red residue, it had almost dried into her skin. Horrific thoughts ran through her mind, and an overwhelming panic set in. She shot up out of bed and ran to the bathroom, frantically searching the wall for the light switch. She looked in the mirror above the sink, her reflection showing that her face was covered in blood from where she had placed her hands. Desperate and confused she took her gold ring off and began to scrub her face in an attempt to remove the incriminating evidence, incriminating of what, she had no fucking idea.

It was time to make a sharp exit, her brain was being overloaded with what seemed like a thousand different conversations with itself and she could hardly hear herself think. She wasn’t going to hang around to find out what had happened so she re-entered the bedroom and as she did she slipped on something wet causing her to fall straight onto her ass. There was no time to sort her shit out so she just grabbed her skirt, shoes and top and dressed rather rapidly. Just as she was about to leave she caught sight of a foot on the floor just peeking out from the end of the bed. It was definitely female, her toes were painted with blue nail polish and by the condition of it she looked as though she had recently had a pedicure. Pippa froze; it didn’t look good at this point.

“Hello, are you awake?” She whispered, but she secretly knew that she wouldn’t get a reply.

She began to shake, frightened of what she might find. She took a few steps forward, stopping in the middle of the room she asked once again if this person was alright and again there was no response and no movement.

“I’m going to go now if that’s alright with you, I’m sorry but I don’t remember your name. I’m Pippa and it was nice to meet you I think, call me ok and I’ll see myself out.” She slowly walked backwards until her ass hit the door; quickly turning around she grabbed the stained door knob and opened the door. Her mind was racing; not knowing what to had happened or what to do she checked the hallway for signs of any other occupants, closing the door quietly behind her she took note of the brass numbers, 123.

She crept down the hallway, passing three other doors before she reached the staircase. Her legs were coated with blood, her clothes stained with it, her hair looking like a bird’s nest and her makeup looking like shit.

It was too early in the morning for most people to be up yet which enabled her to run down the stairs of the apartment building, out into the street and around the corner where she was able to flag a taxi down.

“Where to my lovely?” The driver asked.

“Clarence Street.” In an attempt to prevent him from being able to recognise her again she hid her face from his view by constantly looking down at her lap.

About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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  1. Hmmm………! Sounds very intriguing….murderous even??? Can’t wait to see more of this, it sounds great so far 😀

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