Excerpt from first chapter:


By Shiralyn J. Lee





      Legend has it, that three hundred years ago in a remote village located at the bottom of a huge mountain, deep within the realms of Romania, a nineteen year old woman was taken from her home under mysterious circumstances. She held the title of being the most beautiful woman in the village even though she came from one of the poorest families living there. She found a way to make a little extra money so that she could live her life without being cast out into the streets and become a prostitute fighting for survival like so many women in the past have. She had a way with the ladies; held a certain magical power over them as if they wanted to be like her, too scared to have physical contact with her, she allowed them to watch in secret as she bathed; touched herself seductively; teasing her voyeurs to the point of self masturbation.  Her plan worked for a couple of years and she made herself just enough money to keep herself living in the life of luxury, a life she soon became accustomed to; that was until one night…

Anasytázia was bathing in a tub of warm soapy water; she used a soft cloth to gently wipe the length of her arms and legs, lightly splashing the water as she moved around cleansing her skin. The room; made from dark wooden planks cut from oak, covering the walls and ceiling had been lit by candles surrounding the tub, giving an ambiance of romance. The water had been scented with coral rose petals and some of them scattered across the floor boards leading up to a wall; a secret wall that had been built for a secret purpose; the purpose of desire.

Behind this wall stood three women, their secret kept within these walls and all three of them from the same walk of life, one with money, too rich to know what to spend it on. They stood watching her bathe through small holes that had been purposely made for their enjoyment. They watched the show; excited that such a thing could be happening, excited by their sexual urges; excited that they had become involved in such a dirty act. To them, this was pornography.

Anasytázia liked the fact that her voyeurs were keeping a close eye on her actions, she lay back with her head resting just on the back of the tub, her hair hanging long and gracefully over the side; droplets of water dripping from it where she had brushed it away from her face as she played. Her knees were bent up showing through the milky liquid and every time she moved, her actions made slight ripples in the water allowing her erect nipples to peek out, teasing her audience with sinful lust.

Piroska, Angyalka and Dorottya giggled; delighted that they had been given such a present, one that they could never talk about. They watched her with their eyes close up to the peep holes, their mouths wide open as they gasped in awe, waiting to see her touch herself; waiting for the sexual act to begin. The sound of the water in motion teased and excited them as they watched her pick out some scented rose petals from a wooden bowl placed to the side of her and then trickle them into the substance she sat in. She could hear them whispering and giggling between themselves as she carried on playing her sordid game, giving them a warm moist sensation between their legs, a sensation they would soon need to attend to.

The candles began to flicker a little which was odd as no breeze had passed through the room. There were no windows to let in a draught apart from the one in the roof which allowed the stars to show through but it gave no reason to allow a breeze to flow through it, there were no gaps in the walls, Anasytázia had made sure that this room was secure from any kind of prying eyes whilst she worked her audience, leaving only a door and that was shut. The candles flickered once again, this time a little harder causing three of them to go out. A floorboard creaked in front of the wall the ladies were standing behind, no one paid any attention to the situation now arising. Then a sound, like a whisper came from the other side of the room, Anasytázia stopped what she was doing and looked behind her to see what could have caught her attention. Nothing out of place showed. She dismissed the strange occurrence and happily carried on bathing but something happened immediately after that; something so disturbing that it took years before any of the ladies spoke out the truth.

Just as Piroska put her eye closer to the hole, pressing the side of her cheek up against the wooden wall and anticipating that Anasytázia would be fulfilling her side of the bargain by pleasuring herself any time soon now, she was startled by a figure that suddenly appeared before her, a figure now standing behind Anasytázia. She knew it held a terrible power by the way it had transformed right in front of her eyes. This figure had an evil presence about it, and it was too dark to get a really good look at it but she knew by the way it was dressed that it was a female. She was clothed in a long black cloak made from fine silk and when she opened it up, holding the sides of it out with her arms as if she was just about to capture something within its close surroundings she revealed a deep red silk dress, the bodice trimmed with black lace and her breasts pushed up so tightly that they looked like they were about to burst out over the trim and the full skirt plain but so deep in its colour that it seductively showed off her figure.

Anasytázia froze with fright as she realised that this woman had miraculously appeared behind her without entering the room in a natural way. Then the figure flew across the room straight to where the ladies were hiding and as they watched through the holes too scared to move, the woman pressed her face up close to their eyes; staring directly at them she let out a piercing squeal so high pitched that it hurt their ear drums. All three of them fell backwards onto the floor and huddled together scared that something so awful was about to happen to them. But they were wrong; they weren’t the target. They heard Anasytázia banging her fists and feet against the sides of the metal tub, the water now splashing so vigorously and spilling out over the sides then she screamed violently, so much that every day after that event they could hear her scream replaying over and over again in their heads.

They remained hiding behind the wall for several hours; snivelling, shaken and petrified before realising that they could finally make their escape. As they ran through the streets in the sleepy village screaming and quoting words from the bible people came running to their doorways, standing; staring; not knowing what the commotion was all about. They hurriedly gave a brief description of the strange woman who had taken Anasytázia and then left them to fend for themselves. The villagers knew not what to make of the odd story the women were screaming about so a few of the men gathered together and made their way up the hill to her house to see for themselves just what had taken place. When they arrived they found the front door wide open and the house in darkness. Silence had taken over and the only sound to be heard was that of the breath coming from the men who had so bravely gone to Anasytázia’s rescue. She was nowhere to be found; they continued searching each room but found nothing. Not understanding just what they were looking for they headed back into the village; back to protect their families from whatever it was that had taken such a beautiful young woman in such a desecrating manner.

Three agonising years passed by before Piroska finally spoke out and told her husband about the evil spirit that had appeared before her eyes. He had no choice but to tell her to keep her secret to herself as shame would be cast over him for not keeping his wife from her preferred sexual games and keeping her satisfied in the bedroom. She would be looked at as if she were involved in some type of witchcraft and would be burnt at the stake using the same ritual methods that were used for all declared witches. Her entire family would become outcasts, thrown into the hands of mercy, but no mercy exists for the relatives of witches. He was adamant that she remained silent. But the stress was all too much to bear for Angyalka and Dorottya, the villagers now seeing them as insanely mad as they talked of spirits and devils coming for them all. But after gathering their neighbours together in the village on the night of the third anniversary of Anasytázia’s disappearance and telling them the truth and exactly what they had seen that evening as they hid away from the violent creature, they had made a pact together and carried it through by climbing up the mountain and throwing themselves over a cliff ledge and into the cold harsh waters that waited below. Piroska lasted for another two months after their deaths; the villagers knew of her dirty little secret; spurned her; blamed her for the deaths of the weaker two, then she suddenly took her own life; taking her secret shame to her grave.

It has been said that sometimes these three women have been seen prowling the streets in nearby villages, some say waiting for forgiveness, others say that they have become a part of this evil circle and pray on the weaker sex, luring beautiful young women; supposedly virgins, to follow them into the world of the unknown and take part in their dark secret games. But this talk had a truth to it and all who spoke of it were completely unaware of the facts and of the fourth woman who prowled the streets with them.

Anasytázia’s body had never been found but she was all too quickly forgotten about by the villagers, maybe on purpose maybe not. Maybe she stayed in the hearts of her fellow neighbours but any talk of her disappearance had been covered up with lies, the deaths of the other three emphasized all to make her absence easier to deal with.

Many years had passed by and the villagers who knew of Anasytázia’s existence had all died; their children and their grandchildren also now all dead and buried. Maybe Anasytázia had left this world; left it for a better place and gone in peace to enjoy her afterlife as we all will one day.

But legends have a way of being kept alive by gossip, people who like to tell scary stories and keep tradition going, by whispers, people who are too scared to repeat them. But with every word spoken in Anasytázia’s honour, meant that Anasytázia’s soul would be allowed to roam this world freely and go unnoticed through the invisible chapters of time.

This story is available on and if you’d like to read on where the past now becomes the present and Rebecca Forbes will take you through her transition as she is taken and becomes a Vampire herself.


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Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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