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Ashen White

Ashen has recently published a very sexy little number, (I know because I’ve read it) WHITE’S NIGHTS, on Amazon. She writes erotica in a very sensual and seductive style. After reading her work, and also her stories on her blog I feel that Ashen offers a connection with her words that we can all relate to. She has two upcoming releases, THE QUEEN OF STORMS and DISCOVERING JENNA. I wait, fingers tapping, for these two little hot gems to be released.

You can connect to Ashen’s world and support her right to write at these locations below. Just look at the pretty purple colours and click on them.

In the meantime this interview is my first so after my cherry being popped by another author last week…no folks. (Blush) I hosted her book release. I got the taste for wanting to offer my services back into this wonderful comunity of authors. Ashen. You are my first!

An Interview with Ashen White

Please acknowledge that there are a couple of grown up words that could cause offense to the eyeballs and turn your mind into a massive ball of sensuous pleasure. If you feel that you will be offended by such said words I totally advise you not to read any further. Now consider yourself warned if you choose to read on. This is definately an adult interview.


1. When did you realise that you first had the urge to create and write the stories that are whirling around in your mind at a current speed of faster than light?

As far back as I can remember, there have been stories zipping through my mind – it seemed I had a knack of reducing almost any and every experience into some kind of narrative in my head.  I think it must have been a defence mechanism at some point in my life – by reducing emotional or painful events to a narrative, maybe I somehow externalised them, like I was telling someone else’s story.  I used to worry that it wasn’t normal to have all of these experiences and events being narrated in my brain, and that, eventually, no good would come of it!

As my mind matured, I found that all of that ground work had built a foundation on which I could develop some serious story lines, pulling in the experiences of others and grafting them all together into a cohesive narrative.  Of course, at that time, the genre wasn’t erotica, but epic fantasy.  Now all I have to do is meld those two together and…


2. What gave you the inspiration to write in the genre that you do? Naughty that it is J I bet I can guarantee there are thousands of people out there who just love to read erotica.

It’s funny but, when I was a kid, my dad (who has a phenomenal book collection!) gave me the Conan the Barbarian collection to read.  And I absolutely loved them and the excitement they brought.  They were so visual and, of course, violent!  It didn’t occur to me that a young girl should not be feeling the way a muscular brute of a man did doing that kind of stuff.  What I did not realise at the time was, all of that physical stuff was turning me on!  And, once I’d finished those books, I couldn’t find anything that made me feel that way until – as you will read in “Discovering Jenna” – I found this magazine, hidden away at home, and “borrowed” it.  In the magazine, along with a lot of “interesting” pictures, was a story of a woman who was bound, blindfolded, gagged, and strung up, naked, in a room full of men and women, then whipped and tortured by the women while the men watched and joked about it, and then fucked (can I say that on here? LOL) by all of the men in the room, slowly and repetitiously, and in various orifices, until she couldn’t take any more!  And it was her choice to have this happen to her.  Reading that story, which I think was the first thing I read that was written in the first person, was the first time I can recall being really sexually aroused and knowing it, and thinking about it still brings those feelings out.  The sensual way she described her feelings – both emotional and physical – as she was put through this ordeal literally had me soaking wet for the first time!  I did not quite understand what was happening at first, but reading the story again lead me to “experiment”, and resulted in my masturbating for the first time in my life.  Nothing was ever the same after that! J

When I began to write “real” stories – i.e. stories for others to read – I tried to write stuff that would make me feel the way those books and that magazine made me feel.  I think I have eventually got there with “Discovering Jenna”.

And, yes, I believe that the vast majority of people love reading erotica, because it’s the perfect foreplay for the mind!  Sex is a serious business – it’s why we’re on the planet, baby – procreation!  The trouble with a lot of people is – they put their social conditioning ahead of their physical and emotional needs!  So, in order to conform to their supposed societal norms, they display egregiously erroneous reactions to erotica in public – disgust, annoyance, hate, etc – while, in the secrecy and privacy of their little rooms, they unlock Pandora’s Passion Box and indulge in their private fantasies.  You just have to look at the phenomenal success of “50 Shades” to know what people are really up to!


3. How do you come up with your story lines? Personally I would prefer you to think carefully how you answer this steamy question.

Originally, most of my story lines came out of combining my other loves (The Occult, Tarot, Horror, Fantasy) with my love of sex!  (There – I said it – I love sex! J)  More recently, my stories have been developed from combining the experiences of either myself and/or my family, friends and acquaintances, and dramatising them to a certain extent.  It should not surprise the majority of our readers that most of the sex depicted is based on real events, just described in glorious technicolour detail and with a bit of poetic license.  Sure, there aren’t many vampire sidhe witches about (The Queen of Storms), but the scenery and the sex are real, baby!!

The main characters in “Discovering Jenna” are all based on real people, and the storyline is one that a LOT of women will be able to familiarise with.  What makes it unique and special is the development of the storyline to the conclusion the plot delivers. (Oooh!  Nasty of me not to do a spoiler there!!  LOL)


4. When writing an erotic scene do you feel challenged in coming up with new ways to describe your characters emotional and physical experience? We can only say “umm, yeah baby give it to me,” a certain amount of times before we ourselves get bored.

It certainly can be a challenge figuring out different ways to say the same or similar things – especially when the vocabulary is both (a) so limited and, (b) so pejorative!  I love to describe the moment and the build up to it in a lot of detail – I’m a very detail-oriented person (who said anal?) – and find the limitation of nouns for sexual organs and activities – especially women’s – very annoying.  I mean – a cunt is a beautiful thing, so why do so many of the words used to describe it carry derogative undertones?  Yes, there are some cultures that have a broader acceptance of sexual terminology, but, again, you can only use yoni so many times, too!  Men do luck out here, with cock, prick, dick, etc, although some still carry childish connotations.  (I mean – “woody”???) 

There is also the danger
of slipping into technical terms, to, which can destroy the romance and drama of an image if not used or qualified carefully.  Vulva is usually ok, and labia, too, but vagina tends be seen as unromantic.  And what about clitoris, too?  And there’s always the danger of slipping into euphemism – love-tunnel, hardness, manhood, or even just “her sex”!

I try to counteract the limitations and connotations of erotic terminology by varying the scenery and activity – bringing across the ambience and atmosphere, the emotions and the sensations, the smells and flavours, and, of course, the gymnastics, involved in the whole encounter, rather than just sticking to the basic missionary descriptions.  I have read some appalling descriptions of so-called erotic activities – really nothing more than gross verbal pornography, and usually written by men, sadly – that made me sit and wonder what the hell they were trying to achieve.  I like to believe, and strive to achieve, that higher plane of stimulation with my imagery than the basic act itself.


5. Which was your favourite story in White’s Nights? Yep folks steamy, kinky, sexy and darn right it’s erotic!

Ha-ha!  That’s a leading question if ever there was one!  I really liked the result that “Coming Aboard” became – I mean, what woman wouldn’t like that?  But my favourite story in White’s Nights has to be “What Renzo Sees Next”.  That story, and it’s follow up, “What Renzo Didn’t See”, are based on close personal experiences, and have a special place in my heart.  Writing them was such a hot experience, too – trying to get as much detail and emotion in the 2000 word limit I was working with, resulted in a LOT of extra-curricular activity – if you get my drift!!  Also, they were my first forays into Lesbian Erotica, and therefore exposed more of my own feelings and experiences than the other stories could.  I mean – I don’t have a Class 5 Deep Space Salvage ship – yet!  (Although, I’d really prefer a TARDIS!!)


6. Who are your favourite authors and how do they influence your style of writing? I refuse to make jest here J

Tolkien – he inspired my detail-oriented style.  Robert E. Howard – the creator of Conan and a whole slew of muscle-bound mass-murders that couldn’t be stopped by a nuclear bomb!  Maxim Jakubowski – the first person to show me that erotica wasn’t just about the role in the hay!  And you, Shiralyn, for bringing so much back to me in Sex, Power and Intimacy.


7. How much of your personal time is taken up when you sit and write/plot your stories? This does not include toilet time, sleep or down at the pub drinking several beers and tripping over the curb. I do not consider beer drinking a personal time because it is a necessity.

According to my partners, far too much – but they do like to read my output, though – especially when they can spot themselves in a story!!  Once I get involved with a story, it consumes me almost totally, and I get irritated and annoyed by the petty disturbances of life – eating, drinking, working, sleeping, etc.  If my train of thought gets broken, it can take a while to get back up to speed on a story, especially on the long ones like “Discovering Jenna”.  Also, my edit-as-I-go writing process adds to the time it takes to get back to where I was before I was interrupted.  And, finally, I need to get “in the mood” again, especially if it’s a hot scene!

And I try not to drink too much beer – gives me wind! (Can a woman say that nowadays? LOL)  I prefer English cider (mainly Dry Blackthorn!)  My dad had this song by The Wurzels – “I am a cider drinker, I drinks it all of the day!” – he used to play it a LOT when we were kids, and I guess it stuck! LOL

            Cue Youtube video…

8. Have any of your friends and family tried to influence you with their opinions on a story in which they think that you should write? Ie: Uncle George telling you about this sexy blonde piece that he knew back in 1979 who was just gagging for him!

Interestingly enough, a lot of my “non-erotica real-life-based” stories are just of that nature, although I am telling them because I want to, not because I was influenced by family or friends.  In fact, most of my family back in England would probably be horrified to know I was writing those stories!  LOL

One of the stories in “White’s Nights”, “A Mill Hill Valentine”, is based on the memories of a friend of my parents from when we lived in London.  I don’t know if I was supposed to overhear that tale, but I did and remembered it.  There are a few others like that, all of which I am collecting together in my “Parallel Lives” novel – a complex beast if ever there was one!


9. As an author do you feel that your work in progress has sometimes taken priority over your personal life? When you suddenly realise that it’s 11.30pm and you’re sat in a dark room alone with your laptop and your friends have sent a thousand text messages asking, ‘why you didn’t meet them at 8pm outside the concert gates of the best singer ever!’ Madonna.

Madonna?  Seriously?  (Help is on the way!)  But the answer to that is – always!  As I said earlier, I tend to get very bound up in my writing (Bound up? Mmm! ;), and often consume hours, days, weeks getting the narrative down while life goes on around me.  Fortunately, I have two wonderful partners and a lot of friends, who drag me away from the computer at regular intervals – stuff me full of food and drink, have a play around, a game or two, maybe a dance or three, before letting me crawl back under my rock of creativity! 

“Thank you, darlings!” she drawls in her best Zsa Zsa accent!


10. Have you been able to share your stories with your friends and family and if so how have they reacted? Arrrrhhhhhhhhh WTF?

My friends and live-in family – yes, and they love them – especially when I am writing about them.

My biological family – not yet!  I am waiting until I am so successful they cannot ignore it!  Then I can give them the finger when they start asking for cash!!!  (Oooh!  What a bitch, eh? LOL)



There you go, Shiralyn.  I hope I wasn’t too verbose!  Thank you for having me on your blog.



WOW!!! I am speechless! So let me just gather my thoughts………..Now I’m gathered. And yes I remember the Wurzles song too.

It was a pleasure interviewing you Ashen and as always I’m not surprised by your choice of words, hum hum.

If everyone made it to the end of this interview without blushing or needing to drink a cold glass of water very quickly I would just like to remind you that Ashen has a sexy erotic short on Amazon. White’s Nights. You really should read it.

Thank-you for joining us on Bookgasm’s this week. I’m sure we’ve all had plenty of those. Next week I shall be flooding your cyber walls with the lovely Miranda Stork who has just recently opened up her own publishing company. We’ll be hearing all about what she’s about and what she wants from you!


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Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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  1. tarawood21 says:

    Great interview, ladies!!! Loved it!!!

  2. Ashen White says:

    Than you for having me, Shiralyn. Great job navigating those word bombs I left for you!!

    Don’t forget to check out my Sexy Six Sentence Sunday post on my blog below – AND my latest short on Every Night Erotica tonight!

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