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Miranda Stork in my eyes is fast becoming an entrepreneur in her own rights. She has taken on not only the world of Indie publishing, and sucessfully too, but now she has conquered the world by creating her own publishing company. Miranda has just opened the gates of Moon Rose Publishing, allowing access for many indie authors out there who are seeking guidance and a reputable home to place their works.

1.I see that you have opened up your own publishing company, Moon Rose Publishing. Have you had a mass influx of indie writers knocking on your cyber walls with their submissions?

Hahaha! I’ve had a good fair few. They haven’t broken my door down yet, but I expect that. It’s a brand new company and people want to see if others have had success with us first. I understand that, and I’m more than ready to prove it.

2. How did you come up with the name Moon Rose Publishing?

Actually from my tattoo. That sounds weird, but I’ll explain. I have a tattoo of a blue rose, known is poetic terms as a ‘moon rose’. It stands for originality and creativity, two thing I feel encompass not only myself, but also my company and what I want it to stand for.

3. Are there any specific genres that you will specialise in?

We have a wide range, but I’m planning to add more all the time. At the moment, we’re looking for any manuscripts that fit into the following genres; Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Erotica, Dark Fiction, Dark Erotica, Paranormal/Fantasy Thrillers, Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Fantasy. We are also looking for manuscripts that combine any of the above genres. For example, the Romance can be straight Romance (but not sweet), or Lesbian, IR, anything at all!

4.  If you had to be a class clown and spend the day in fancy dress who or what would you be dressed as? I would be dressed as a slice of red velvet cake just in case  you were wondering. J

I love this question as I was totally the class clown when I was younger! Well…I still am a bit J I love the cake idea! I think I’d have to dress up as a 16C lady, complete with full ball gown and Venetian carnival mask. I dressed up like that once for New Years, and it’s my favourite outfit. Plus you can totally have a bad hair day, as you can wear a wig!

5.  Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome in order to become a publicist?

Hmm…there haven’t really been any legal issues so far, or anyone arguing (touch wood), so that’s good. I suppose there are obstacles in the sense that I’ve added to my work load! It’s all worth it though.

6. Do you have a cut off figure for accepting submissions?

Not at the moment. I may do in the future, but for now everyone is welcome to submit.

7. What motivated you to become a publisher?

I’ve always wanted to do it myself. I used to work as a proof-reader and editor  for two publishing companies, and I’m an indie author myself.  I also do online marketing for a large company where I live. So I’ve seen the publishing world from many angles, and I’ve wanted to do publishing for many years.

8. What’s the most important thing on your to-do list now that you have accomplished opening Moon Rose Publishing?

Work! Hahaha, I’m kidding, but also not kidding. I just want to get some good submissions in, and hopefully have lots of new releases by next year. The next new release by Moon Rose Publishing is actually coming out on 31st October; an anthology of dark fairytales. There will be a twist on each one, including Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and lots more!

9. How will you respond to the many authors anxiously waiting to hear from you and do you have a turnaround time to send out a reply?

I have a turnaround time of within 8 weeks. I email the authors back personally, and tell them whether or not they have been accepted for publication. I don’t go into details if you are rejected, as unfortunately I don’t have the time to do this for everyone! But all authors are more than welcome to submit  different manuscripts to us as many times as they like.

10. When did you realise that being a publisher was going to be the next avenue that you wanted to take?

I think I’ve known for a long while now. As I said, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never been one of those people who waits for things to happen, my attitude is “Get on with it and do it!”. Good things will never happen in life unless you take charge and go ahead with all the things you want to make reality.

11.  Where will you be distributing the accepted books?

For the time being, we are just an indie publisher. This means the books will be distributed on Amazon (all countries where Kindle books are available) and Smashwords, where it then gets distributed to Barnes and Noble, ITunes, and many more.

12. Contracts, how long will Moon Rose Publishing expect an author to sign with you?

We expect them to sign with us for two years for each manuscript-and this is nowhere as long as many publishers! After that time, they are free to keep it with us for another two years, or to take it and publish it themselves.

13. How will your royalty programme be set up, will authors have a daily/weekly access to their sales figures?

Royalties will be paid into author’s Paypal accounts quarterly, and they will get reports on their sales figures every six months. I would love to make it so that authors could see their own sales figures whenever they like, but this wouldn’t be possible, as it is a lot of extra work!

14. Will you be promoting these authors yourself or will this aspect be expected by the author to do?

While an awesome part of the indie community is that authors can promote themselves, I will of course be doing a lot of promotion as well! There will be paid adverts on carefully selected websites and blogs, blog hops and book tours, release day events, and lots more. I do it successfully with my own books, so I can do it with others. That’s what I love about setting up my own publishers, I can help talented authors who may not understand yet how to go about promoting their books.

15. Will you be providing book covers as an extra incentive to publish with you?

Absolutely! I’m a cover artist as well (and you can see some examples of my work over at my blog), so covers will be fully provided. The authors will even get a questionnaire to fill out, so that the idea of the cover can be one between publisher and author.

16.  Will you be providing the ISBN numbers?

I certainly will! This will only apply to novels, but all novellas and short stories will have ISBNs.

17. Who will hold the copyrights?

The authors will always hold copyright to their stories, that doesn’t change whoever you publish with. However, the cover and the right to publish the stories under the Moon Rose company are of the publishers.

18. Will you or the author be deciding the price tag on the book?

The prices will be decided by the publishers, but there is always discussion with the author as well.

Thank you Miranda for enlightening us. I have a good feeling that you are going to be extremely busy in the near future and I’m sure that I can speak for everyone when I say…don’t forget us when you’re famous  🙂

Below are the links to Miranda’s world. Just click on them and find her work…she will impress you.


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  1. tarawood21 says:

    I am so excited to be a part of the Moon Rose family!!! Miranda Stork is awesome!!!

  2. Blue Harvest Creative says:

    Excellent interview and so lovely to learn more about Moon Rose Publishing! We wish the best with your exciting new venture!

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