Bookgasms with Melissa Long Vance- Hunting the Haunties

Introducing Melissa Long Vance a writer of ghost stories for all ages to enjoy. Here is her Bio and please feel free to check out her second book Hunting the Haunties now available to purchase on Amazon. 
Because I am such an avid reader, a friend of mine challenged me to write a book.  What kind of book?  Well, I decided to go with my favorite…a paranormal romance.
     I wrote book one and then book two of the six book series and discovered that I really needed to rewrite the first book.  The difference between the two was embarrassing.
     I thought about shelving the whole book writing idea and that’s when it happened.   A girl’s voice in my head…I tried to ignore her, but she was persistent.
     “Hi, my name is Sunny D.   I’m the sole proprietor of ‘BOO-B-GON’, a ghost hunting business.”
     I really tried to ignore her, but like I said, she was tenacious.  So I started writing things down and before I knew it, I had written the first three chapters of “Hunting the Ghosties”, three hilarious chapters.
     After I had posted, “Hunting the Ghosties” on Amazon, I thought, Great…now I can get back to the paranormal romance novel, but no, Sunny was having no part of that. 
     As of October 31, 2012, “Hunting the Haunties” will be released.  And now that it’s done, will I be working on the paranormal novel?  Of course not…I am currently working on the third book in the “Ghostie” series, “Ghosties in the Tunnels”, which will take Sunny to Pendleton, Oregon.
     I hope those of you that have read, “Hunting the Ghosties” enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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