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Lesbian in Question is a book featuring three short lesbian erotic stories. Based on murder, mystery and twists. I am still in the midst of editing ready to release for the weekend but I thought I would tease you all with a snippet or two from WIP. This is an excerpt from the third story, Dreamscape.



The forest was now establishing its morning charm. A warm breeze swept upwards and danced with the green foliage attached to the lengthy tree branches causing them to sway elegantly. The smokey rays of sunlight filtered through the leaves casting an illusion of a much denser area.

The birds began to chirp, a sign that morning was clearly here. And a woodpecker could be heard in the not so far distance. The morning dew had dampened the ground covering heathers and spreading moss, emitting a sweet smell blended with blades of grass and earthy tones picked up from the rich soils. The air was filled with moist droplets drifting throughout the tall tree trunks and briar bushes.

A narrow brook ran through the thickly planted area and the sound of water bubbling over the pebble stones that lined it became mesmerising and inviting.

A crow squawked out, encouraging the rest of its flock to join in, ensuring that every living creature is now awake.

Larae slept within a large overgrown tree root. She’d found a big enough hollow and snuggled herself deep inside, safely away from any creature on the prowl looking for a good meal to eat.

She opened one eye and quickly scanned the immediate scenery before her whilst remaining motionless. She was too scared to move.

The sound of a twig being crushed underfoot caught her attention. She held her breath. She could feel her heart beating…thumping against the walls of her chest. The palms of her hands were clammy and her grass stained white shirt clung to her as she perspired from every avenue possible. Her long wavy golden brown hair now looking bedraggled, covered one half of her face giving her a false sense of security as she felt that she had managed to hide herself from view. Her blue grey eye scanned every inch in front of her but nothing came forward.

She heard the sound again only this time it was closer and she could tell that it was coming from behind her. Again the movement sounded closer almost as if it was right at her back.

The smell of a lit cigarette met with her nostrils causing her to hold in a cough. This person was now upon her and as she laid waiting to be discovered a black leather boot found its way to rest on top of the root. It was just inches away from her face. She could hear the person suck on the cigarette and exhale the smoke into the air above her. She was so sure that they were going to discover her at any moment now.


About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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