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Featured are Erotic Spirits, Pink Seduction and Vampire Changeling

Here is a chance for you to read snippets of my published work.






“Do you want to hear a scary story?” Anna asked as she held her flash light under her chin in an attempt to make her skin glow and create dark shadows, it was the best spooky effect that she could do at such short notice.

“I’m not sure if I care to listen to one of your creepy tales, you know how I find it difficult to sleep if I’m scared by something just before I go to bed.” Christina was definitely a flake when it came down to anything that involved subjects of horror.

The two women were actually camping out in their new back garden and managed to erect a small orange tent and the fact that it had only taken them three hours to figure out how to put it together impressed them both. They weren’t the smartest when it came to applying their knowledge to assembling items which in itself was quite ironic as they had just purchased the property that they were camping at and had only picked the keys up earlier that day.

It was a relatively old house approximately built around the Tudor era, and stood close to the harbour side in the city of Bristol and was what they viewed as a fixer upper. But it would need more than a quick fix in the condition that it now stood in. The house had been unlived in for many years and the sellers now living abroad, had no interest in it what so ever; only the fact that it had been a good hand me down investment and they had made quite a good profit on it.

Thankfully it was the middle of summer and the evening sky with its twinkling stars gave the girls an artificial sense of security. They were surrounded by a high stone wall that had been painted in a shade of soft white and the top edge had been given a black trim for that little extra dramatic effect. A rambling rose covered one wall with its yellow buds and fully opened flowers allowing its light scent to drift across the small garden and the opposite wall was lined with bushy deep purple lavenders. The ground had a small patch of rich green grass where they had pitched their tent and then surrounded with a wide path of small beach pebble stones which once they manage to get their hands on the outdoor jobs they will be able to remove the nasty little weeds that were popping up at every opportune bare patch where the stones had been kicked away over the passage of time.

It was now 1am and the night air, warm and stifling, had kept the girls awake. They sat inside the tent with the zip undone and the flaps pulled back to the sides hoping that the slightest breeze might enter and just take mercy on them to ease the humidity. They were also excited as hell as this was their first property purchase and renovation project and their goal was to do it up in hopes of making quite a good profit to spend on the next house.

“What was that noise?” Christina asked Anna as she froze; petrified that something was going to maul her to death.

Anna shone her light to where the rustling sound was coming from and giggled when she realised that it was just a badger, minding its own business and doing its thing. Christina felt a little stupid and told Anna that it was best to be on her guard rather than let something happen when they least expected it. This was going to be a long night for Anna.

By 2am Anna’s eyes were beginning to sting from being overly tired but Christina kept yapping away, obviously trying to cover up the fact that she was too scared to sleep. Just as Anna closed her heavy eyelids; hoping to get at least an hour of sleep, Christina slapped her across her arm and told her to shush. Anna had no idea why she had just received such treatment and glared at Christina angrily and was just about to yell at her when Christina covered her mouth with her hand.

“Don’t say anything, just look up at the second floor window. Don’t make it obvious either.” She whispered. Her eyes were bulging as if she wanted Anna to know exactly what it was that she was on about before she even looked up.

As Anna kept her face as still as possible she managed to tilt her head slightly so that she could get a better view of the window. She slowly rolled her eyes upwards, searching for the pane of glass in question. They met the image that Christina was so mystical about. A soft yellow light flickered, it looked as though it was coming from the hallway and glowed in through the bedroom doorway, but there was also some type of movement, a shadow emerging from the corner. Anna’s eyes were fixated on their vision; the shadow grew larger and engulfed most of the room for about five seconds. Then as fast as it had appeared it disappeared, slowly forming into a room of nothing and then the flickering light grew dim and ceased to be visible. Anna quickly snapped out of her gaze and Christina became hysterical but still too petrified to move.

“What the fuck just happened in our house?” Christina managed to ask, and then grabbed Anna’s arm squeezing it tightly for reassurance. 

“I have absolutely no fucking idea but I’m definitely gonna find out.”

“You mean now!” Christina squealed.

“Yes I mean now.”

Anna picked up the flash light and nervously moved out of the tent. “Well are you coming with me or should I leave you alone so that you can let your imagination run wild and scare yourself senseless until I get back.”

“I’m coming too.”

She knew that Christina would follow her, they have been friends since childhood and there was no way she’d stay by herself whilst her best friend abandoned her to go in search of strange events. Christina pulled up her jeans and stuffed her phone into the back pocket and set off toward the back door, walking slightly behind her friend. Anna turned the key in the lock slowly and struggled to open the door at first. It had been a while since it had been used so she had to use a little force to gain entrance. The door creaked loudly and Christina pointed out that the first job she was going to do was fix that noise as it was too creepy to deal with. They were standing in the kitchen but unfortunately couldn’t turn any lights on as the power wasn’t being switched on until the morning; hence the reason for camping out. Anna put the keys into the front pocket of her jeans and then held on tightly to Christina’s hand.

It was pitch black apart from the small beam of light coming from the flash light and the first thing that Christina did was bump right into the corner part of the counter top. She squealed out and Anna quickly covered her mouth up with her hand. “Shush, we don’t know what we’re facing here.”

“I can’t help it, that fucking hurt me.”

“Come on and be quiet for crying out loud.”

Anna shone the light around the room highlighting the out of date cupboards, peeling wallpaper and old floor tiles; many of them cracked and chipped and uneven. The girls moved cautiously through the room and out through the doorway taking them into a long narrow hallway. At the other end of it was the front door made from solid oak and to the left was the staircase and then two doorways on the right side, one being a huge lounge and the other a dining room. By now Christina was hard pressed up against Anna’s back and she began to tremble, scared that they might be faced with something unexpected. They checked out both rooms shining the light from corner to corner then made their way to the foot of the stairs. Anna made a loud gulp noise as she placed her foot on the first step.

“Why does it smell so musty, I never noticed it before when we viewed it?” Christina naively questioned.

“Maybe they opened all of the windows up and allowed the fresh air to flow in. Who knows?”

Each step they walked up creaked under the pressure and Anna kept shining the light upwards and then behind them so she could make sure nothing was below, because by now Christina’s fear had infiltrated her braveness and made her doubt that they should have began this search. Christina’s fingers were digging sharply into her hips as she held on super tight and Anna found herself gripping hold of the banister so hard that her knuckles were beginning to hurt.

“I can hear my own heartbeat.” Christina informed her.

A sound suddenly came from one of the bedrooms causing the girls to freeze on the spot. They looked at each other for any kind of confirmation that one would know the answer to what it could have been. It sounded like a small metal object being flung across one of the bedrooms and the girls hesitated, not sure if they should go any further.





It was May 1998; the day before my sixteenth birthday and just like every other girl that age I thought I bloody knew it all. Mr Carlton was my class teacher. He was handsome, well dressed and always courteous. He was the one teacher in the entire school that all the girls had major crushes on. But I knew he was just noticing one person out of all of us…me! I’d intentionally captured his attention with my girlie looks, long mousy hair and the light pink lipstick that I chose to use so the other teachers didn’t notice it too much.

One night after school was out I stayed behind to talk to him. He made his move on me. Telling me that I was the hottest sexiest thing he’d ever set his eyes on, he had drawn me into his web with very little effort. And my invitation for us to meet at my parents house was quickly accepted as I knew my parents would be out for the evening at one of those stupid social events they tend to go to, the kind where the wives wear the biggest glitziest jewels in their possession and where the husband constantly brags to all of the other husbands about how much he’d paid for them. My parents were all about show and tell.

I was still a virgin and because of society girls my own age were all experienced in the dick department. I was completely ashamed of my status so my sexy teacher was going to be the one to break that nasty little word and break me of its standing once and for all, freeing me of my nemesis even tho I was still potential jail bait.

That night we were in my father’s study, it was old fashioned and complimented with antiques. His large oak desk placed adjacent to the fireplace and the deep red rug ran over most of the old wooden flooring. The grey velvet curtains hanging heavily over the large window hardly allowing any daylight to flow through and a small crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling, dusty and uncared for, dangling above our heads as we stood anticipating our next move.

Then he told me to get down on my knees and open my mouth. I did with pleasure. Unzipping his trousers he pulled out his penis, holding it like it was his trophy. His trousers now fallen to the floor he began to play with himself until he became erect. I could smell it, the smell of sex before it happened. He coaxed me to place my hands over his and play along with them. Then placing one of his hands on the back of my head he pulled me in closer forcing my mouth to open wider and taste the saltiness. I sucked slowly, gagging and almost choking as he pressured the back of my throat. Then he picked me up, the strength in his arms showing as he placed me onto my father’s desk face down. I felt him lift my tiny plaid skirt up over my bum and slide my knickers down my legs to my ankles removing only one foot out of them. My heart was beating fast. Excitement and submission were ruling me at the same time.

Then as my naked ass was on display he raised his hand, spanking me several times. I wanted to cry…the pain, the sting but I wanted it. I wanted him to take me, make me a woman, to make me his woman. He stopped suddenly and then a flash went off. He had taken a picture of me, my cheeks now reddened by the work of his hand. I was now his trophy and I felt no shame. My skin was now sore and glowing but I liked the humiliation of his show.

He then kicked my legs apart and pushed himself inside me. I screamed out as I felt the first pain of penetration, my body unable to take its length, not like that, not hard and fast but he wouldn’t stop. His pleasure had now become my torture. My pigtails swished back and forth as he pounded on me, a few strands sticking to my wet mouth as I gasped for my next breath. I wanted him to stop but my confused state also wanted more of this pain. It hurt, I felt like I was being ripped apart inside, but my body yearned for more. Keep fucking me you bastard, I thought. He pushed slowly just a few more times and then pulled it out of me, his warm fluids now dripping down my inner thigh.

The silence between us was excruciatingly loud, no words spoken, just actions and a quick smile. He zipped his trousers back up brushed his hair back into place with his hands and left without a kiss, without touching me. I was smitten and giddy, free from the virgin crowd and now a woman.

The next day (my 16th birthday) I arrived at school and sat at my desk. My ass was still feeling the afterglow. He walked in but his usual manner had left him and he was acting different. No acknowledgement came from him as walked past me. I waiting for the slightest crumb of attention that he would throw my way. I waited, longing for his look, for anything that felt like recognition. He had been inside me just hours ago and now I got nothing from him. His actions had surprised me as I thought that this was going to be a huge thing in my life. I thought that he would declare his undying love for me. Disappointment had set in and my sadness soon turned into bitterness, something that touched my broken soul. I was intelligent enough to learn very quickly that I now disgusted him and he wanted me no more.

I skipped school for the next few days, pretending to my parents that I was going and then sneaking back into the house when they had left for work. They didn’t have a fucking clue that their slutty little princess had played truant and when the secretary had phoned our house to see where I was I just pretended to be my mother and told her that I had a contagious infection and that my husband would try and pick up my homework if he got the chance to after work. Of course that never happened. When I returned back to school two weeks later my whole attitude had changed. I hardened up to the facts of life, became less subtle with my mannerism and in the process of my change I had shaved my long mousy hair leaving just an inch on top spiking it with gel to give it style. Instead of wearing my short plaid skirt I opted for my black combat trousers and my brothers three quarter boots with the laces undone.

I caused trouble at every opportunity during classes, disrupting everyone’s concentration. It was the only time that Mr Carlton paid any kind of attention to me. By him sending me to the headmaster’s office I felt recognised as at least a student, even if I was being sent out of the class.

The third time he sent me I decided to take a detour to the toilets and hang out there for a while. Maybe smoke a cigarette in defiance. This is where I saw Stacey Millington going into the end stall by the windows. My life was about to make sense to me from this moment on.

She was a cute girl almost a year older than me. She wore her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail that swung side to side as she walked with a slight bounce in her step. She reminded me of myself before I decided to change my image.

I waited outside of her door with each hand placed on each side of the frame. When she came out she was trapped by my stance not able to move past me. She looked startled at first then as I pulled two cigarettes from the inside pocket of my black leather biker jacket she smiled politely and took one from me staring at it like she was holding a chocolate bar.

“They’re for after.” I said smugly.

“After what?” She asked.

I pushed her inside the stall and locked the door. ‘This.” I replied.





Legend has it, that three hundred years ago in a remote village located at the bottom of a huge mountain, deep within the realms of Romania, a nineteen year old woman was taken from her home under mysterious circumstances. She held the title of being the most beautiful woman in the village even though she came from one of the poorest families living there. She found a way to make a little extra money so that she could live her life without being cast out into the streets and become a prostitute fighting for survival like so many women in the past have. She had a way with the ladies, held a certain magical power over them as if they wanted to be like her. Too scared to have physical contact with her, she allowed them to watch in secret as she bathed and touched herself seductively. Teasing her voyeurs to the point of self masturbation.  Her plan worked for a couple of years and she made herself just enough money to keep herself living in the life of luxury, a life she soon became accustomed to, that was until one night…

Anasytázia was bathing in a tub of warm soapy water. She used a soft cloth to gently wipe the length of her arms and legs, lightly splashing the water as she moved around cleansing her skin. The room made from dark wooden planks cut from oak, covering the walls and ceiling had been lit by candles surrounding the tub, giving an ambiance of romance. The water had been scented with coral rose petals and some of them scattered across the floor boards leading up to a wall. It was a secret wall that had been built for a secret purpose, the purpose of desire.

Behind this wall stood three women, their secret kept within these walls and all three of them from the same walk of life, one with money, too rich to know what to spend it on. They stood watching her bathe through small holes that had been purposely made for their enjoyment. They watched the show excited that such a thing could be happening, excited by their sexual urges, excited that they had become involved in such a dirty act. To them, this was pornography.

Anasytázia liked the fact that her voyeurs were keeping a close eye on her actions, she lay back with her head resting just on the back of the tub, her hair hanging long and gracefully over the side; droplets of water dripping from it where she had brushed it away from her face as she played. Her knees were bent up showing through the milky liquid and every time she moved, her actions made slight ripples in the water allowing her erect nipples to peek out, teasing her audience with sinful lust.

Piroska, Angyalka and Dorottya giggled, delighted that they had been given such a present, one that they could never talk about. They watched her with their eyes close up to the peep holes, their mouths wide open as they gasped in awe, waiting to see her touch herself, and waiting for the sexual act to begin. The sound of the water in motion teased and excited them as they watched her pick out some scented rose petals from a wooden bowl placed to the side of her and then trickle them into the substance she sat in. She could hear them whispering and giggling between themselves as she carried on playing her sordid game, giving them a warm moist sensation between their legs, a sensation they would soon need to attend to.

The candles began to flicker a little which was odd as no breeze had passed through the room. There were no windows to let in a draught apart from the one in the roof which allowed the stars to show through but it gave no reason to allow a breeze to flow through it, there were no gaps in the walls, Anasytázia had made sure that this room was secure from any kind of prying eyes whilst she worked her audience, leaving only a door and that was shut. The candles flickered once again, this time a little harder causing three of them to go out. A floorboard creaked in front of the wall the ladies were standing behind, no one paid any attention to the situation now arising. Then a sound, like a whisper came from the other side of the room, Anasytázia stopped what she was doing and looked behind her to see what could have caught her attention. Nothing out of place showed. She dismissed the strange occurrence and happily carried on bathing but something happened immediately after that, something so disturbing that it took years before any of the ladies spoke out the truth.

Just as Piroska put her eye closer to the hole, pressing the side of her cheek up against the wooden wall and anticipating that Anasytázia would be fulfilling her side of the bargain by pleasuring herself any time soon now, she was startled by a figure that suddenly appeared before her, a figure now standing behind Anasytázia. She knew it held a terrible power by the way it had transformed right in front of her eyes. This figure had an evil presence about it, and it was too dark to get a really good look at it but she knew by the way it was dressed that it was a female. She was clothed in a long black cloak made from fine silk and when she opened it up, holding the sides of it out with her arms as if she was just about to capture something within its close surroundings she revealed a deep red silk dress, the bodice trimmed with black lace and her breasts pushed up so tightly that they looked like they were about to burst out over the trim and the full skirt plain but so deep in its colour that it seductively showed off her figure.

Anasytázia froze with fright as she realised that this woman had miraculously appeared behind her without entering the room in a natural way. Then the figure flew across the room straight to where the ladies were hiding and as they watched through the holes too scared to move, the woman pressed her face up close to their eyes; staring directly at them she let out a piercing squeal so high pitched that it hurt their ear drums. All three of them fell backwards onto the floor and huddled together scared that something so awful was about to happen to them. But they were wrong; they weren’t the target. They heard Anasytázia banging her fists and feet against the sides of the metal tub, the water now splashing so vigorously and spilling out over the sides then she screamed violently, so much that every day after that event they could hear her scream replaying over and over again in their heads.

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