Bookgasms with….Pink Seduction New Cover Reveal

Pink Seduction ebookPINK


Here is the new cover release for PINK SEDUCTION.

This story is lesbian based and very hot in the sexual content, so please be advised.

Alex York begins her story just at the end of her school years. She’s not your innocent typical teenager as you will soon find out. Even though she seeks the attention of her teacher, Mr. Carlton, and has a sexual encounter with him, she soon realises that he was using her just as much as she was using him. It is from his callous behavior in the aftermath that Alex realises that she is a lesbian.

She begins a quest to claim any girl willing enough to give herself to her and for a while she dissociates herself from any emotional baggage. Knowing who she really is, she changes her girlie image by shaving her hair off and dressing rather boisterous. But over time she begins to trust again and meets Vickie. Her life is complete and absolutely nothing can destroy that. But life can and does.  

Alex will go through her darkest moments of self loathing, and a punishment, only she thinks is worthy. She blames herself for everything. When she finally meets a new love interest, Tina, it soon becomes apparent that there is a sinister dark secret that Tina has to tell Alex.

Here’s an excerpt from this dark, intense story…

“Would you like a cigarette?” I asked, grabbing the packet from the side table. I lit one up and showed my talent by exhaling smoke rings, just like Stacey Millington did all those years ago. Then I placed the second one between her lips and she took her light from the end of mine, sucking once, twice, three times until the end of her white stick turned an orange glow.

“So is this how you normally pick up girls?” she asked and turned over on to her side to face me, supporting her head with her hand so she could get a better look at me.

I told her that I usually fuck them as soon as I’ve picked them up. It’s too much hassle to bring a girl home, she expects to stay the night, then have breakfast and have a full on chat about her entire life of bullshit. I really can’t be arsed, only a handful of one night fucks had ever been invited back to my bed and the usual reason for this was due to the fact that someone had either puked up in the toilets or it was kicking out time at the club. I liked to party and having a girl over on regular visits didn’t suit my lifestyle. Being bogged down with all the relationship crap had no place in my world.

“So how come you invited me home with you tonight?” she asked, expecting an intelligent answer from me. One that would set her apart from the other girls and make her feel as though she had something special.

“Ok I like you, I think you’re extremely attractive and I’ve had a lot to drink and I wanted to see you fully naked and did I tell you that I’ve had a lot to drink?” I made her giggle, and then she took a drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke out from the side of her mouth.

She asked me if my dog tags were real or fake and then playfully flicked the chain with her finger as she admired it.

“This belonged to someone special that I was really close to, her name was Vickie and she wore this with pride.” It was passed down to her and belonged to her grandfather. He was one of the many young soldiers killed in Vietnam back in the sixties. She wore it in his honour. My sigh was deep, as the only thing it represented to me was complete loss and sadness.

“So you were close to this Vickie. How were you two connected?” she asked taking a second drag, watching my eyes as if she was searching for some kind of emotion to show through.

“She was my girlfriend, I don’t really talk about her too much, it’s just too painful.” I reached behind to grab the ashtray from the bedside table, hiding my pain as I flicked the end of my cigarette into it.

“Why did you two break up, did one of you break the circle of trust?” she smirked as if she knew the answer to her question before I could even answer it.

“We didn’t break up…she was murdered.” I sighed heavily.

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Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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