Bookgasms with…Upcoming Release, CASE 321

case 321 proof fourCASE 321

Release date May 4th.

Here is an excerpt.

Robert Clemens, the perpetrator, managed to drive another half mile before he was spotted by a police unit out on patrol. There was a high speed chase through the city, with three county police cars hot on his trail. He drove as if death was the only option he had. A few minutes later he was pronounced dead at the scene. Taking a corner too fast, his brakes failed to work. He injured two women and killed a small dog as the car rolled over twice, finally being stopped during its third flip, by a street light. Death was far too good for him. I wanted him to suffer for the crimes that he had committed, crimes that only someone like me could handle. Most of my cases consisted of sick fucks, tracking down child killers and rapists. Robert Clemens had raped several women, tortured them and left them for dead. One girl, 18 year old Sophie Whitmore, died in hospital an hour after she’d been found in an alley way. She had been beaten, raped and stabbed. It was her death that caused media uproar, not that they hadn’t been publicizing the case to begin with, but Sophie was the first to die from the hands of this monster. Emily had put herself up for bait so we could catch him. She began to frequent the same bars and clubs that the other victims had been picked up in. Two weeks of surveillance, working constant night shifts and checking out every single male who walked into the clubs, paid off. When Robert turned up on a cold wet Friday night, I waited in the car right outside the club entrance, whilst Emily sat at the bar waiting to be picked up. As soon as she saw him, she just knew he was our target. She’d come across his file before and recognized him immediately. He had raped a girl back in 2001. Emily worked the case and was hot on his trail when he fled, leaving no trace of his whereabouts. Her eyes lit up when she clocked his presence.

She text me, that it was him. Playing it cool, she enticed him to go outside, find somewhere private where they could be alone. But he wasn’t stupid, he knew that she was working for the law and his plan was to take her out. That’s when I came in to the picture and got taken down.


My girlfriend Kate has been quite patient with me lately, putting up with my annoying mood swings and ridiculous tantrums that form out of the blue. But that’s not the real me. I don’t have tendencies to behave like an immature teenager. I’ve been throwing these moods ever since I got out of the hospital and I know it’s because I’ve been bored and frustrated. I’m a workaholic, a slave to the agency and I keep a strict regime to work out daily and maintain my fit body. That was taken away from me briefly.

I lay in bed next to Kate. She was still asleep. We’d made love last night, it was the first time we’d been intimate in months, the last time being a week before I was injured. It felt unemotional though, as if we did it just to release our sexual tension. She’d chosen to sleep naked after our session and I couldn’t help but notice how slender and silky her skin was. She was lay on her side with her back facing me, her long brown hair had swept across the pillow and I could smell the aroma of raspberry and vanilla from her shampoo. It smelt good.

5. 30 am, the alarm went off, waking Kate from her deep sleep.

“Hey, baby,” she said sleepily, turning over to face me and give me my morning kiss. “Are you excited that you’re going back to work today?”

She placed her arm over my waist and positioned her head comfortably into my armpit. I kissed the top of her head and we lay there for another ten minutes before I finally forced myself to get up.

I showered quickly. Blow dried my hair and tied it back in a pony tail, drank a strong mug of freshly pressed coffee, kissed Kate, ate half a slice of buttered toast, kissed Kate again and then left for work.

Sitting behind the wheel of my dark blue Chevy Suburban, I put my sunglasses on and then took a moment to think about starting the vehicle. My confidence had been broken when I was taken down and I knew I’d have to fight this demon if I wanted to recover from it.

The palms of my hands had become clammy and my nerves were slightly on edge. I gripped the wheel hard and stared directly ahead. This was the first time that I had to drive since my recovery.

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Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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