Love the

Pink Kiss

This lesbian movie , formally known as, All About Sarah Niles, has had a title re-vamp. Love the Pink Kiss is now the official movie title. girlsBased on a romantic comedy, this movie will also have sexual content. We are currently fundraising on and asking everyone for a contribution starting at as little as $1. You can claim many perks for your contribution just go online and feel free to check out how awesome they are. Anyone from any country can donate so please give this movie the chance that it deserves.

Here is the link to our campaign, please take a look. 


About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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