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All About Sarah Niles. The lesbian movie that’s in pre-production.

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All About Sarah Niles, is a romantic lesbian comedy drama. To give you an idea of the style of this movie, you could compare it as a cross betwen Bridgette Jones Diary (the comedy, naivety of the main character) and The L Word (the sexual raunchiness, chemistry and drama)

So what is this movie about?

Firstly it is an adaptation of the book, Loving the Pink Kiss. The difference with the movie is that it will be based in Canada whereas the book is based in the UK. Changes have been made to suit the locations of filming and we have even added a Grandma (Elizabeth Watts has been cast to play her. Elizabeth auditioned alonside Shannon Cooney who has been cast to play Judy, Sarah’s mother. This audition was absolutely hilarious. The two of them just bounced off each other. I feel that we may need to duck tape our mouths during filming as we will all be laughing so hard when these two are on set together. (Better add duck tape to our list)

So back to the movie.

Sarah Niles has drunkenly accepted a cash bribe to marry a total stranger without even meeting them. The only information she has been given is that this person’s name is Robbie. Now Robbie, whose Visa is about to expire, is desperate to stay in the country because a friend has just had a brain tumor operation.

So here we have two great characters. Heather Marie Scott has been cast to play Sarah (check her youtube uploads, she’s hilarious 🙂 ) and Natalie Talson has been cast to play Robbie. Natalie was a contestant on Canada’s Next Top Model and came 8th in the TV show, not bad, hey 🙂

So why did Sarah even agree to marry a total stranger? Well why not!! Who doesn’t like an exciting challenge in their life?

Sarah finally gets to meet Robbie for the first time moments before they are due to wed. (Yes, that’s right, you heard it here. THEY DID NOT CONNECT BEFORE THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY)

Sarah, expecting to be standing next to an appreciative male is taken by surprise when she is faced by a tall beautiful woman. (Robbie is a girl, YAY)

So how did this all get set up?

Jessica, (Momona Komogata has been cast to play Jessica. We loved her youtube reel, especially the snivelling screaming girl) who is Sarah’s best friend, used to work with a woman named Debs at the immigration office. Debs had mentioned Robbie’s plight in a passing converstaion to Jessica and then being the gossipy gal that Jessica is, she told the story to Sarah. Not that there was much to tell at that point.

Moving forward from this point. Robbie has now informed Sarah that she has to live with her, for immigration purposes. Sarah, yet again, naive as ever, had no idea that Robbie would be living with her. In her mind she thought that she would be signing a piece of paper and then getting a divorce 12 months later.


Now we have a beautiful straight girl, and a hot lesbian combination.

At first Sarah isn’t a great host and why should she be. She’s already helped this total stranger out.

But and a BIG BUTTTTTTT, she begins to mellow out and actualy without realizing it, she falls in love with Robbie.

Now we can’t make a movie all lovey dovey and drama free sooooooo we thought we’d give you scandal, comedy and drama.

Fom here we will bullet point just a few more details as we want you to enjoy the movie when its made.

1. There is a spanner in the works.

2. This spanner is freaking hot and smexy.

3. There are love interests, twists and turns.

4. The entire cast are hot smexy peeps. (Just check out the banner)

Cast include,

Heather Marie Scott, Natalie Talson, Momona Komagata, Avery Hunter, Shannon Cooney, Delia Tatiana, Jessica Jara, Elizabeth Watt, Jenna Arora, Steve James.

But we feel that you should also know who is working in the background.

Our Crew.

Matt Tingey, Ella Marie Hinton, Taylor Rae Papworth, Melissa Woolley, Layla-Marie Jahrig, Andy Jonson, Nick Blanchard, Joanna Hewlett, Courtney Pelech.

And there will be more names to add to these lists.





Our goal and our passion has been to entertain our fans, and just plain have fun.



About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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