Moviegasms with…All About Sarah Niles

Sarah confesses to a lesbian kiss

Sarah confesses to a lesbian kiss

Cast and crew enjoy a replay of Jessica.

Cast and crew enjoy a replay of Jessica.


I don't think Andy will ever complain about his job

I don’t think Andy will ever complain about his job


These are just a few on set pics that were taken during the 2 day shoot for All About Sarah Niles.

We have made a movie fundraiser trailer and launched the event on indiegogo campaign site. Check out the trailer here.–2/x/5113624#home

The movie is an adaptation of the book Loving the Pink Kiss, that I (Shiralyn J Lee, Author/Screenwriter/Director) wrote and published. This is a romantic drama with a splash of comedy thrown into the mix.

The reason for making a movie out of my book ?

There just isn’t enough lesbian fun on screen. We ALL crave for romance. We ALL love drama. And we ALL enjoy a good laugh.

Well there’s more to this story than that. Apart from the immigration scam, most of this story is based on either my life or people who I have encountered on my journey. I was Sarah (sometimes I still am) My wife, Janice, is Robbie. We actually met through work, dated and were legally married 18months after meeting. Janice’s best friend, Helen, has been suffering with brain tumors over the past several years. She has had a number of operations and in our opinion, is one of the bravest people we know. We wanted to touch on the subject to bring awareness to light but without making the story too depressing. When I first met Janice, Helen had just had her first operation and it took a while for her hair to grow back and to get her life back to where she wanted it. But since writing this story Helen has had a number of follow up operations as the tumors re-grow and need to be removed.

Comedy, romance and drama are a great way to escape reality and from time to time we ALL need an escape at some point.

So how are we going to finance this movie ?

This is where we NEED you! Just donate a few dollars, more if you want to claim a perk. We have kept the perks simple as all too often campaign perks can become quite confusing on what you are actually getting for your money. As of this moment (one week into the campaign) we have raised, combined direct and indiegogo, just over $600 almost 1% of our goal.

With the fundraiser trailer, we only had 2 days and 2 locations to shoot. We applied as much info into the trailer as we could to give you the concept of the story. We need better sound quality for the feature and more locations. We will also need to pay and feed our cast and crew. With zero budget we cannot do this.

So who do we have on the cast ?

Heather Marie Scott is Sarah Niles. Heather has been in Untold Stories of the ER  and a number of short films, mostly in post production.

Natalie Talson. Natalie is Robbie. She has been featured in music videos and was a contestant on Canada’s Next Top Model where she came 8th on the programme.

Delia Tatiana. Delia is Charlie. She is in a number of productions, again mostly in post production at this moment.

Jessica Jara Yepez. Jessica is Jen (The Villain) She is an actress from Ecuador.

Agnes Tong. Agnes is Jessica. She is currently working on a theatre production.

Avery Hunter. Avery is Jake. He too works on theatre productions.

Kerry James. Kerry is the Taxi driver/one night stand. Kerry is Caleb on Heartland TV series and is currently waiting to shoot a production overseas.

Shannon Cooney. Shannon is Judy (Sarah’s mom) She has been on a few episodes of Untold Stories of the ER and a famous car ad that went global on the internet.

Jenna Arora. Jenna is the Paper girl/Sophie. Jenna has featured in short films and also was runner up in Miss Teen Canada 2011.

Tatyana Forrest. Tatyana is Kate. She has been featured in film and on stage.

Elizabeth Watt. Elizabeth is Grandma. She brings this project to life. Wait till you hear her awesome one liners.

Trailer cover pic

Trailer cover pic

About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on and I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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