Lesbian drama is growing

Lesbian drama is on the rise, and I’m delighted. At first, when I began writing back in 2010, my searches for lesbian drama came up short. I love detective stories, military, thrillers, murders. I write these themes as well as erotica and romance. But when I tried to find my favourite categories, they came up short. Most lesbian books were in the romance genre, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you have a want…no, a need, to read more than a girl gets a girl story, you start to crave for it. My first book was a romcom, my second, a little different, more romantic drama, then my third book changed me. I could see where I was going with my writing style and genres. I wrote several books, then went sideways with a BDSM series. “Oh WOW,” was all my wife Janice could say, followed by, “Where did my wife go?” At first I thought she was ashamed of this writing I’d suddenly found myself loving, but when she finished the series, she said, “Where have you been all my life?” I knew I’d hit the approval button.

But forward to today. 8 years later. More than 36 books written. Not all published yet. I feel like I’ve lived the life of someone on a rollercoaster ride. I’ve lived in the 1800s, WW1, WW2, 1920s, I’ve been a spy, a killer, a footballer, a cowgirl, a rancher, a Marine. I’ve invested myself in each of these characters. When you write a story, it doesn’t always mean you’re writing that story. Sometimes, that story writes you a life you’d never experience in reality, but you get to have the next best thing.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and to see just how far I’ve come has absolutely amazed me. And the friends I’ve made are awesome. I even got to meet a few a the 2017 GCLS Con in Chicago. Never did I think that would happen. So today, I sit at my computer with a heart filled with gratefulness. Because I’ve lived this life, and it’s all thanks to you X

About authorshiralynjlee

Author of lesbian erotica. I write a range of stories leading from romantic comedies and drama's with light sex scenes to darker erotica and BDSM. My work can be found on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk I love to create stories and induce factual historic events within them.
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  1. Nice! I like a bit of variety as well!

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